We could talk all day about how we can help your lab with our suite of products and services, but in the end it’s our partners voices that really count. Read a few testimonials about how we’ve helped other companies with challenges just like yours.

“US HealthTek does exceptional work. They are trusted experts in the space and are Luminate’s ‘go-to’ partners. Not only are they dependable and knowledgeable in all aspects of lab technology, they are a wonderful team to work with!”


Shally Madan
Co-Founder & COO, Luminate

“US HealthTek has TONS of experience in lab IT. They have been a valued member of several of our project teams in tackling difficult and complex projects. I can always count on U.S. HealthTek to be ready and to hit the ground running.”

Carl Warner
Former CIO, Cordent Laboratories

“U.S. HealthTek is much more than an IT consulting company.  They are prepared to bring outstanding value to companies facing a broad spectrum of challenging issues. U.S. HealthTek’s team has unmatched depth and breadth of laboratory experience, allowing the company to deliver thoughtful, practical and cost-effective solutions to client needs. They hit the ground running on a wide range of projects from data center re-locations to interface project management to XP hardware upgrades to customized software development. U.S. HealthTek is a low-risk and high-reward option.”

-David Weavil
Former CEO, Solstas Lab Partners

“U.S. Healthtek is a cost-effective partner that I have come to rely on over the years.  The resources they provide are the most knowledgeable and experienced laboratory IT professionals in the business, hands down. Their CRM application is flexible and configurable while providing specific, valuable insight to our client interactions and sales pipeline.”

Vicki DiFrancesco
CEO, Pathology, Inc.

“In order for a laboratory company to remain competitive in today’s environment, rapid and effective deployment of integrated technology solutions is a must. A growing laboratory company must establish the best IT resources to timely meet their demands. Drugscan has been successful in meeting these demands with the engagement of the expert services of U.S. HealthTek. U.S. HealthTek has augmented our internal IT capabilities with Virtual CIO support, IT customer service and interface project management. Outsourcing these needs to a vendor partner with deep and longtime industry experience has been a cost-effective solution for Drugscan.

We have also engaged U.S. HealthTek and their expertise to develop proprietary software applications that have allowed Drugscan to clearly differentiate ourselves from other drug testing companies. U.S. HealthTek has been a reliable and valuable vendor partner which has been integral to our growth with clinical laboratory based IT expertise at cost-effective rates.”

-Anthony Costantino
CEO, Drugscan

“U.S. HealthTek has been instrumental in helping us bridge the gap of understanding and developing critical reports for our CRM needs, so please accept our deep gratitude and appreciation for the work you have performed on our behalf.  You can always count on us for a very positive reference in the future should you have the need.”

Laurie Huard
Clinical Genomics